In our workshop in Wrocław, we create bicycles, bicycle frames and frame sets to size. We are bicycle tailors – you can order and make a fully personalized bicycle with us. Being bicycle enthusiasts, we know that ready-made bicycles from store shelves often do not fulfill cycling dreams and are poorly suited to our needs, dimensions or tastes.

When building bikes to order, we take care of every detail. The whole process starts with agreeing on all the details, and then with the design of the bike / bicycle frame / frame set; then it’s time to braze Columbus steel tubes, paint at Dreamworkers, assemble the bike and test it.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an urban racer on the Carbon Gates belt, a gravel for torturing in the wilderness, a road under 9 bars, a fixed gear for spinning maniacs or you have no idea about bicycles. Hultaj is for you! Our custom bikes are handcrafted in the Wroclaw manufactory. We build bikes from the best materials – Columbus steel and carbon components and parts from Shimano, Sram, DEDA, Miche, DT, Mavic, Schwalbe, Continental, Carbon Gates, Pinion, Rock Shox.

Contact us. We will guide you through the entire process of creating a custom bike: selection of geometry (bike fitting) and components, painting and bike functionality.

Custom made steel gravel is the perfect bike whether you’re going to work, for a quick trip to the forest, or just participating in an ultra-distance mountain race.

We build each frame by hand from the best tubes from Columbus in Wrocław. You choose the geometry yourself, so you don’t have to worry if the bike will fit. We will also select components according to your wishes.

A bike in pure form, to which we have a great sentiment. It has many forms and geometry, from the classic track, through the courier “urban rat” to the gravel version. We built them all! If you dream of going back to your roots, we will certainly help.

When building our city bikes, we assume that it must be functional and light. We’re sick of broken tank-weight bikes that can’t be carried up the stairs to the house. As a drive, we mostly use the weather-resistant Carbon Gates belt in combination with a Shimano Alfine multi-speed hub. This ensures durability and reliability, so important for year-round driving.

Do it your self! (DIY), meaning do it yourself. We create frame sets (frame + fork) to order and made to measure. The frame set is the skeleton of the entire bike, which determines the comfort, functionality and longevity of the bike. Our frames are made of high-quality, dedicated steel from the Italian manufacturer Columbus, not on crude and heavy gas tubes. A steel frame weighing less than 2 kg is our standard.

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