who we are? bicycle scoundrels; what we do? we build bikes for individual order – from design, through frame fabrication and painting, to the finished product; what else are we doing? in our workshop, we repair all kinds of bicycles and put our nose in various bicycle matters; why are we doing it? “bike for you, bike for me, bike for everyone…”; what we don’t do we don’t do maniana.


The least titled of our group. In his youth, he wanted to build electric guitars, which was effectively suppressed by the obligation of education. Being an adult, he was surprised to discover that if you want to do something, you can actually do it and today he fulfills his youthful dream of craftsmanship.

He is responsible for designing and building our frames and bikes.

Mechanik rowerowy, kolaż ze zdjęć, czerwony napis
Biały napis na czarnym tle, wydzieranka.

The most titled in our group, has a dozen plastic cups for a proof . He knows everyone in Wrocław and everyone knows him. He is one of the legendary founders of Wrostro. He is responsible for the service and over a decade of his experience for the quality of repaired bikes.


A man of many talents, professions and secrets. He has traveled half the world or more by bicycle. He conquered Pradziad (the highest peak of the High Jeseník) on a fixed gear, despite our doubts. His mission is to make us not kill each other (what sometimes not easy), in which he has so far been spectacularly successful. 


She wanted to write Lorem Ipsum, so we write for her. Hultaj is a woman, and Kot’s fingerprint can be seen (literally) in every aspect of our business. As a graphic artist with many years of experience, he makes sure that we are not just a chaotic group of elderly, bearded hipsters.

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