We build bicycles on an individual order – from the frame design, through welding, painting, the selection of components, to the finished product. We’re like a tailor, you get what you want, but you have to get involved in the design process.

What the heart desires – we like challenges, so do not limit yourself!

We valuate the project after all details have been determined.

Let’s start talking – what bike do you dream of and what are your needs?




In the center of Wroclaw there is our small workshop. Drop by, sit down, listen to good music, talk and solve Your cycling problems. There is no challenge that we’ll not successfully undertake – it doesnt matter if you’re pedaling on a well-worn MTB, classic Gazelle or an Italian road bike. We’re not bound by any contracts, we’re not anyone’s distributors. When repairing your bike, we choose parts from hundreds suggested by different manufacturers. The final decision is made by YOU, choosing from the options we’ve presented (depending on the price, quality, needs, design) that match your bike.



We ride bicycles since ever: for pleasure, at work as couriers, during many months of travel, every day regardless of the weather. And it doesnt mater if its in the urban jungle or the open space. The purpose and circumstances do not matter, its important to pedal. Damaged bikes, tens of thousands of kilometers, years of experience.

We build our own bikes, we repair everything that has two wheels, we offer advice and support a bicycle revolution – butts on saddles, cars for scrap!
We create only such bikes, on which we would like to ride: aesthetics based on the power of simplicity and remarkable geometry, reliability, functionality and low weight.

We repair every fault, we choose best components and we’ll take care of Your comfort, safety and style.



Ul. Rydygiera 1, 50-248 Wrocław
+48 575 410 546

MO-FR 10:00 – 18:00
SA 10:00 – 14:00